Walking Trail of Biological Park of Serra da Lousã - Quinta da Paiva (Miranda do Corvo)On Father’s Day, the women from home joined to conspire among themselves, preparing this surprise without my suspicion. The plan consist of enjoying the day outdoors, despite a unfavorable weather forecast, and also taking the opportunity to hike and to picnic. Yes, simple things in life make us happiest, right?
The venue was the Biological Park of Lousã, in Quinta da Paiva , municipality of Miranda do Corvo. With the well-guarded secret, it was right until the last moment that I found our destination for this special day.

The visit to the Biological Park arouses feelings that would hardly have between four walls.

The Biological Park has 12 hectares, 5 of which are open to the public. Due to its good accessibility, the visit can be made by families with pushchairs and most of the spaces are also accessible by wheelchairs.
We parked next to the Information Centre where we acquired the tickets (see schedules and prices here) to start our discovery. Next to this, the “Museu da Chanfana” restaurant is preparing the lunch of the day.
We proceeded to “Espaço da Mente”(Mind Room) a Ecomuseum where beyond the living history of the arts and crafts of the region, we can also watch two short films which fulfilled the space and mission of this project of ADFP Foundation (Assistance, Development and Training ). Miranda do Corvo memory is well represented in this heritage.
Leaving the museum, in an exterior wall we can read “Life does not begin with us, continues through us”, the motto that we breathe and materializes in all the valences of the Park and that may well follow us through life.
We came to the Educational Farm where several species of poultry shared neighborhood with other animals domesticated by man, such as sheep or pigs. Some of them took care of their “babies”, still fragile, that walked along with the parents.
We walk to the wooden bridge that leads us to the Wildlife Park. On the left, the ring of the Equestrian Center has some obstacles in place for the next workout or race. We arrived at the Fruit Trees Maze but I leave it for the end of the hike, and I continue to the Rose Garden and the Pedagogical Garden. Some original scarecrows welcome us to this corridor before we cross the Dueça River to the other side. The narrow passage next to the bridge, on the access road to the Park Hotel Serra da Lousã, has the exact measurements of the baby’s stroller. 1cm more and we would have to choose another way.
We arrived to the area of birds of prey. These are part of an environmental education program and after entering in several national Recovery Centers, for one reason or another, they couldn’t be released into the wild. We walk towards a small Fluviarium and a lake with the Mediterranean tortoise. The deer and fallow deer on one side of the trail and on the other wild boars complete this section of the park. The upper level is reserved for foxes, wolves and the Iberian lynx. What a beautiful animal this is. A little bit shy and reserved, realizing our presence, hidden among the branches and go away after a long stretch.
A small pack of wolves defines its hierarchy clearly. The alpha male keeps the respect among their peers, while listen carefully our steps on the track.
We continue the route following the signposts and soon after the lamas, the wood mill benefits from a privileged landscapes. Just below we visited the Museum of Cooperage, an ancient art that is so familiar to me, not cooperage itself but the objects created by it. Casks and other utensils for the harvest, processing and transport of wine are an essential part in the grape harvest where I actively participate every year. More than a working day is a day of conviviality and fraternity among all family and friends.
In front of the museum, we visited the reptile house and then follow to the bears section. When we arrived, one of them is taking a fully bath, while the other is resting next to a tree. The grandeur of both impresses while walking through the area booked on the Dueça River bank.
It’s funny to see the children’s reaction to all of these animal species. While some try to interact with them, calling and challenging them, others show surprise, admiration and some fear, but in all of them, the visit to the Biological Park arouses feelings that would hardly have between four walls, so I would strongly advise a family outing to Miranda do Corvo.
We’ll take now the return path to the starting point, through the challenge of Fruit Trees Maze. I confess that it was not at the first time that I found the right path…
I wish to return as soon as possible to this region to hike a long-promised trail, the “PR2 MCV – Caminho do Xisto de Gondramaz – Nos Passos do Moleiro”.


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