Walking in Powerscourt Gardens (Ireland)Today is dedicated to Wicklow County, also known as “Garden of Ireland”, at least to a small part of it.
The 19 hectares of Powerscourt Estate gardens, are located about 25kms away from Dublin (about 30 minutes), ranked third in the top of the National Geographic. Overlooking the Sugarloaf Mountain and the surrounding countryside, there are in this multitude of trails, colors and shapes, a large number of reasons to enjoy a perfect day in Irish lands.
The great Powerscourt House seems taken from a period film or a classic novel by Jane Austen. We find different areas to receive the visitor, such as a restaurant with terrace where we can enjoy a wonderful meal while soaking the tranquility of the garden, or a unique gift shop or even a grocery store with local products.

The great Powerscourt House seems taken from a period film or a classic novel by Jane Austen.

We bought the tickets and we started walking towards Tower Valley. We climb the stairs of Pepperpot Tower, built in 1911 to commemorate the Prince of Wales visit to Powerscourt. It was built with stones of an old church and has the shape of Lord Powerscourt`s favorite pepperpot. From the top we have a different perspective of the property grounds. I peek through the trees and saw the stately mansion before descending the spiral staircase and continue the walk. For well-defined trails, between lawns treated with care, I arrive to the beautiful Japanese Garden. With narrow passages, small wooden bridges over discrete waterways and secret places, the invitation to contemplation is permanent. In a hidden corner, the water runs down the walls covered with moss in a kind of grotto. The tranquility and more than that, the serenity, merges with the scents of the flowers beginning to bloom.
We arrived at the Triton Lake where the central fountain was inspired by the Piazza Barberini fountain in Rome. The long staircase through the Italian Garden, with its gods and myths sculptures, guide the eyes to the mansion.
We see Sugarloaf Mountain in the background as we walk by “Rhododendron Walk” until we reach one of the largest cemeteries pets in Ireland. Here lies the remains of the family pets and in the tombstones we can still read their curious names as well as the affectionate messages that their “owners” have left them.
In the Dolphin Lagoon I encounter underwater clouds formed by tadpole eggs. Impressive.
I walk now in Walled Gardens, one of the oldest areas of the gardens before returning to Powerscourt House.
It’s time for lunch and in a wooden bench we prepared the baby’s meal. The soup, the conduit and the fruit disappeared in a flash between some escape attempts to explore the gardens that seduced her. We bought at the grocery store some giant scones and coffee and proceeded to the entrance gates where our friends will arrive soon.

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