Walking in Vila do Gerês (Terras de Bouro)Whenever I visit the Peneda Geres National Park (PNPG), the village of “Caldas do Gerês” is a mandatory stop. About 20 kilometers from Terras de Bouro, the village belongs to the parish of Vilar da Veiga and it’s located in a beautiful valley painted of a leafy green. Protected by the mountains around the village, usually enjoys a mild and very inviting climate. I like to walk on its streets and rediscover the flavors of traditional teas, hear the water of Gerês river flowing cold and winds its way through the houses, cutting the valley to find the Caniçada dam.
This time I parked the car at the village entrance and went up to the main artery, “Manuel Francisco da Costa” Avenue, where I found the usual hustle and bustle of this welcoming tourist resort.
But here tourism is different. Away from the usual mass tourism in coastal beaches during the bathing season, here tourists find other reasons to visit the PNPG such as the amazing landscapes, the tranquility of the mountains, the closest contact with nature, the thermal treatments, anyway. ..each one will have their reasons. And most returns more than once…this is my case.

But here tourism is different.

On the main avenue, in addition to hotels and restaurants, I found some small businesses with local products. I bought two well-composed tea bags that will give me for several months. It is a way to extend the Gerês after homecoming.
At the spa I found a group that was preparing for another treatment, waiting on the fountain to drink the thermal water. There are references to hydrotherapy in this region since Roman times and today these spas are the destination of those who suffer from health problems, particularly related to liver and gallbladder.
I walk above the stone arches and return by the watercourse of Gerês river. Near the spa, the Spa Park worth a visit. This time I missed it but I advise those that don’t know it to make an extended visit and let yourself be lost in time, crossing paths in dirt, strolling the leafy shadows and contemplating the tranquility of the central lake. It is worth it at any time of year.
Now on a parallel artery to the main avenue, I follow in rhythmic steps to end the walk in the parking lot where I started.



1,4 kmscircular

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