Walk in the Streets and Thermal Bath Park of Vizela (Vizela)

This small walk of about 4kms long, that runs through the streets and the Thermal Bath Park of Vizela began at “Sá e Melo” Street in this city of Braga district.
In addition to “Bolinhol”, the famous local cake, Vizela has much more to show. And a quiet walk on a sunny day is one of the best ways to discover the vast and rich heritage of this region.
After a few tens of meters, I arrive at the colorful and well-kept “Manuel Faria” Garden that surrounds the bandstand resistant to the modernity of the times. At its base the beautiful tile panels pay homage to the local religious heritage. Further on I see the water springs that, breaking out of the ground in the form of an arch, refresh those who pass by. In 1787 at “Praça da República” (Republic Square) were discovered the ancient Roman baths, now called “Bica Quente”, a source of thermal hot water. Legend says that anyone who dipped his finger in it “will forever be Vizela’s prisoner.” I continue on “Dr. Abílio Torres” Street, where, on a closer inspection, I discover several period mansions and where the Saint John Church is particularly prominent. I continue to meet the Roman Bridge over Vizela River whose waters run on a rocky and irregular ground.

Here we breathe invigorating fresh air, next to the banks of Vizela River.

I am now at the entrance of Vizela Thermal Bath Park, a leafy green space of refreshing shadows where I walk at a slow pace, savoring every step I take. This is considered the “lung” of the city and it is easy to understand why. Here we breathe invigorating fresh air, next to the banks of Vizela River. With several infrastructures is the ideal place to carry out various outdoor activities.
I return to the starting point at “Sá e Melo” Street where I finish the hike.



4,0 kmslinear
round trip

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