Before starting any activity we must make sure that we will perform correctly, planning in advance factors such as food, transport to the venue, accommodation (if needed), equipment, etc … to avoid unexpected troubles.

It is important to start by choosing the right clothing for the activity to take place. The shoes should be comfortable and particularly suitable for hiking.

According to the website of Camping and Mountaineering Federation of Portugal ( there are some care and standards of conduct to be considered:

– Follow only the marked trails;
– Beware of cattle. Although meek do not like the approach of strangers to their offspring;
– Avoid noises and attitudes that disturb the peace of the site;
– Observe wildlife from a distance, preferably with binoculars;
– Do not damage the flora;
– Do not leave the trash, taking him to a place where there are collection service;
– Close the gates and portelos;
– Respect private property;
– No naked flames;
– Do not take samples of plants or rocks;
– Be friendly with the locals, explaining about the ongoing activity and PR signs.

Imprint of a pedestrian route (in
Regulation Pedestrian Paths Certification (in

For more information on the topic you can consult the book “Pedestrianismo e Percursos Pedestres” written by Teófilo Braga and published by Friends of the Azores – Ecological Association