Vila Viçosa has a wide variety of options in terms of restaurants. With some casual suggestions and others more traditional and formal, we tried to visit different restaurants to learn about the gastronomic diversity of the region and also to help, albeit symbolically, these businesses that have faced so many difficulties in recent times.

Quality of the menu, together with the friendliness and availability of employees.

Restauração Restaurant was what we visited the most, not only for the quality of the menu but also for the friendliness and availability of its employees. On nights when we were tired or with a little appetite, we could even eat just a soup to warm our stomachs before returning to the hotel.

On the first night in Vila Viçosa, I couldn’t miss the Açorda Alentejana with Egg and Codfish (see photo above). The longing I had for a good “açorda”! It was delicious. It’s amazing how such a simple dish has the flavors, soul and history of a region in it.

The Chef’s Salad (see photo above), with lettuce, tomato, arugula, fresh cheese, chicken, dried fruit and mayonnaise was delicious, with its freshness and crunchiness. Well seasoned and with some edible flowers to decorate, it was a great suggestion for a lighter dinner.

The Grilled Cuttlefish with Garlic is accompanied by cooked vegetables and is a very healthy and delicious option.

To finalize your meal in the best possible way, try the “Doce da Ti’maricozinheira” (house sweet). It’s an unexpected surprise at all levels, made with hazelnut liqueur and nuts, among other “secret” ingredients.

At the end of the meal, we returned to the hotel satisfied and prepared for the well-deserved rest after a day of adventures.

+351 268 980 256
Praça da República 2,7160-253 Vila Viçosa
38.7788703,-7.4176147coordenadas geográficas
$$$ – low cost / $$$ – high cost

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