Jazida de Vale de Meios (Santarém)Dinosaurs fascinate almost all children but also most adults. The curiosity by their habits, the way they lived and how they gone, cuts across all age groups resulting in several studies and theories on the subject.
When I arrived at Quarry of “Vale de Meios” in Pé da Pedreira, parish of Alcanede, in the district of Santarém, I felt like a kid in a pool full of gums. And I never had more than a normal curiosity about these beings who mysteriously disappear from our planet, but when I arrived to “Vale de Meios”, the extent of the quarry impressed me.

When I arrived at Quarry of “Vale de Meios”…I felt like a kid in a pool full of gums

The huge amount of theropod footprints (bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs), and its excellent condition, make this quarry one of the largest and perhaps the most important of the Middle Jurassic in the Iberian Peninsula for the detail and the amount of information they provide to us. It is a place that certainly deserves to be preserved and if you pass near by, do not miss the chance to visit it.



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