PR2 - From the Seashore to Pedras Negras - São Pedro de Moel (Marinha Grande)

We started the “PR2 – From the Seashore to Pedras Negras” in the Afonso Lopes Vieira Square, near the beach of São Pedro de Moel, parish of Marinha Grande. Its official starting point is located in Vale do Ribeiro Park, at the back of this square where we can found the indicative panel of this short marked route.
We had lunch near the beach and to help an easier digestion (all the excuses are good excuses to walk) we decided to hike the 8.5 km of extension, most part in the foot and cycle path that follows the Atlantic Road, parallel to the coast. We went up the village along the road north of the valley to found it.
On the foot and cycle path, we quickly reached the Lighthouse of Penedo da Saudade, inaugurated in 1912. Our daughter in the baby stroller starts her usual siesta after lunch and left us to talk alone. One of the reasons to choose this route was also for the fact that we can go all the way with the stroller.

The endemic vegetation forms green carpets where wooden walkways, worn by time, send tourists to belvederes and golden sand beaches.

We continued at a good pace as we contemplate the typical rocky landscape of the Portuguese coastal cliffs. The endemic vegetation forms green carpets where wooden walkways, worn by time, send tourists to belvederes and golden sand beaches.
We arrived at Praia da Concha, I assume that the name is due to the shape of this small stretch of sand hugged by the cliffs and forming a small bay, much like a sea shell. After Penedo do Cabo we glimpse Praia Velha where the landscape changes drastically from the rocky cliffs to a huge expanse of sand to the north. We don’t walk down the wooden walkway but instead we continue on the bike path where it’s easier to progress with the stroller. Down below, São Pedro River empties into the sand and its small stream rips the sands until it meets the salt water of the sea. We continue north and about 1 km, after the bridge over the stream, we turn left at the sign “Pedras Negras”. We walk on a small asphalt and dirt road that leads us to the beach. We walked along the wooden walkway to the south, over the dune area, to the parking lot on the access the beach. Praia das Pedras Negras is so named because of the flowering of dark reddish marls, with an estimated age of 210 to 245 million years.
The weather conditions have radically changed and the rain can fall at any moment. At a faster pace, we cross the forest path until we find the Atlantic Road and once again on the bike path we returned to São Pedro de Moel to finish this short route.


Points of Interest: São Pedro de Moel, The São Pedro lighthouse and Penedo da Saudade, Penedo do Cabo, Praia Velha and Praia das Pedras Negras.





8,6kmlinear – round trip


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