PR1 CND – Conímbriga Route (2nd Part) (Condeixa-a-Nova)

The second part of PR1 – CND – Conímbriga route is about 9 kms and develops northeast of the Roman ruins of Conímbriga. Making the route in the opposite direction to clockwise, first goes towards the “Castellum of Alcabideque” and after climbing the mountain, and continues down by crop fields to Condeixa-a-Nova, then moving on Condeixa-a-Velha, already very close to rediscover the Conimbriga ruins.
I put myself then to the path, following the clearly visible signs next to the box office of the complex of ruins. This route can be done in its entirety without the need to purchase the ticket for fenced area of the ruins, however, I advise a visit to the “Roman city of Conímbriga” to better understand this whole region and its importance to the Roman civilization.
At about 400 meters, go through a tunnel under the IC3 and continue on the road in asphalt passing through various residential areas, to reach Alcabideque. It is a road with little traffic and flanked, in many sections, by ancient stone walls. With abundant shade and farmland dominate the landscape, it is at kilometer 3 that for the “Rua da Ponte”, go into Alcabideque.
Later turn the “Rua do Canto” and arrive quickly to Castellum, the spring water that once supplied the city of Conímbriga, by an aqueduct about 3 kilometers. In St. Anthony Park, a grassed engaging and well cared space, receive the visitor and he can also watch some ducks and indian pigs who build here their home. This delightful place also has a water mirror that I didn’t know whether it is not also used for bathing in the hot summer days. Inside the ruins of the water intake tower, I found a nest with duck eggs while in the water, another duck swims with her young.
In the washing place near the village, washerwomen take care of clothing still “old fashioned way” as catch up with the news.
I continue to walk leaving the houses of the village behind and later turn right by a hiking trail that starts the ascent of the mountain. This is the most demanding section, especially if the day is at high temperatures, but after reaching the top, the descent is made from the opposite hillside with abundant shade, sufficient to recover the lost energy.
I come to the Rivolta village and in “Largo de Santo António”, the fountain pays tribute to him. Just outside the village, the the washing place also continue with activity. I’m happy to witness these activities that in many other places have been lost.
Some sections of this route are common with the GR26 and the Camino de Santiago. I meet a group of pilgrims who travels the road without much haste or scheduled times. Walks to taste the way.
Go into Condeixa-a-Nova and I walk the “Parque Verde da Ribeira de Bruscos”. Always guided by good signaling route, now take the direction of Condeixa-a-Velha. Meeting the village immediately after the bridge over the IC3 and upon arriving, I stop at the fountain square where observe carefully the evocative tile panel of Condeixa in the older days.
I went to “Rua das Ruínas” and return to Conímbriga complex, after about 9 kms traveled, in a interesting hiking trail with one demanding section, rising to the mountains after Alcabideque village.


PR1 CND – Conímbriga Route (2nd Part) (Condeixa-a-Nova)

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PR1 CND – Conímbriga Route (2nd Part) (Condeixa-a-Nova)


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