PR1 CND – Conímbriga Route (1st Part) (Condeixa-a-Nova)

The “PR1 CND – Conímbriga route” is a route marked in the municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova, district of Coimbra. It starts at the complex of Conímbriga ruins and about 16 kms extension is divided into two distinct sections. The first facing south runs through the valley of “Rio de Mouros”, the “Poço das Casas” village and Bufarda (or Alfarda) Forest. The second, northeast of Conimbriga follows against “Castellum of Alcabideque” and other remains of the Roman aqueduct of Conímbriga, then continue by cultivated fields to Condeixa-a-Nova and going through Condeixa-a-Velha to recover immediately after the Ruins of Conímbriga.
Due to the high temperatures that were felt (was in full summer), I did the two sections of the route at different times, taking the opportunity to rest and hydrate the body at the break.
I began the first part of the course in the entrance of Conímbriga ruins and soon after the ticket (to make this route is not necessary to pay ticket) I saw the panel with information of all the marked route. Well visible signs indicated that the “Poço das Casas” village was at 3.2 kms by “Rio de Mouros” or 4.5 kms by Bufarda Forest. I followed the trail that follows the canyon of “Rio de Mouros”, thereby covering the route in the opposite direction clockwise. I go down to the bridge and the first hundred meters the path develops in up and down the hills.
Advancing on clay in a well-defined and marked route, the trail has been developing in the shade of eucalyptus and pine trees, alternating with other sunniest sections where it was drawing the beautiful valley of the “Rio de Mouros”.
The green slopes, covered by endemic vegetation ends in the course of the delimitation of the river. Unfortunately this time of year because of the shortage of rain, the river is dry on their worth and I wonder if it was always like this, in this time of year, or if this will be a consequence of global warming that some insist on not recognize.
In the valley foothills, the fields are slashed with stone walls offering this section of the trail a very peculiar beauty.
I see already “Poço das Casas”, a small village with few inhabitants, where the work of the land remains the main activity of the population, as I observed to my passage.
Missing now 4.5 km to Conímbriga, the Forest Bufarda. Part of this route coincides with the “Camino de Santiago” and you can see their marks along the way. I cross with a pilgrim who shared with me this time of intense heat under a scorching sun.
Leaving the village behind, beginning the ascent of the mountain, a foot trail with a deafening symphony of cicadas. I do not remember ever hearing in this way so intense, the chanting of this insect.
I walk now in the most demanding section of the route, rising Bufarda Forest. The stifling heat did not help and the lack of shadows at this stage of the route provide for more frequent hydration.
At the top of the mountain landscapes are an impressive amplitude. The sky was clear and so it was possible to see a large number of settlements and natural reliefs that separate them.
Already go down towards Conímbriga when a curious squirrel stands in the path ahead of me. Not satisfied your curiosity about this being obtrusive here walked, went to the trunk of a pine tree and stayed there long enough for me to get some photos and videos that bear witness to this moment.
I walk the last few meters to the complex facilities of Conímbriga ruins and conclude this first part of the “PR1 – CND – Conimbriga route”, with just over 8kms traveled.


PR1 CND – Conímbriga Route (1st Part) (Condeixa-a-Nova)

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PR1 CND – Conímbriga Route (1st Part) (Condeixa-a-Nova)


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