Picos da Europa - A preparação

Why is it that every time I am facing the DIY arises me a huge desire for a ham sandwich with a “mini” beer?

Although the closet were not properly fixed, and a refreshing image of this genetic defect already occupied my soul – yes because they must discovered the gene “mini-ham” which in my case awakens upon contact with any kind of tool.
My back is dripping salty drops of sweat and despite the bricolage to be going as planned, my head just walked away. I kept thinking in my first venture out of doors and on top of it, it would be made in semi-autonomy, ie backpackers with nights spent in shelters and hostels.

The day is near. Until then, the backpack that will take my life for 7 days, rests in a corner of the room, waiting to be attested with the clothes, equipment and supplies that will keep me in the category of Homo sapiens for this week.

Meanwhile I have time to study the places where I will go, buy all the necessary equipment and know how it works.
Today I learned, for example, to properly adjusting the backpack to the body. Just search on Youtube.