Night Walk on São Bento da Porta Aberta Feasts (Terras de Bouro)The celebration of “São Bento da Porta Aberta” occur every year during the month of August, more specifically between 10 and 15th when, by tradition, is made the great pilgrimage that animates the region. This town of Terras de Bouro municipality, in the Peneda-Gerês National Park (PNPG), receive a huge influx of pilgrims, from all sides, travel long distances, tearing mountains and valleys, just to deliver on their promises. Many of those I saw walking at a considerable distance from its final destination, the Shrine of “São Bento da Porta Aberta”.
Because I was lodged in the Vilarinho das Furnas Youth Hostel, about 10kms that were made in just over 15 minutes on the winding roads of the mountain, I could not fail to be present in these lively festivals.
I began the short walk from the Cathedral, still with the dusk involving the valley of the Caldo River and the Caniçada dam. I follow north to the end of the tents of regional products, and later in the reverse direction to south, regaling the senses with the offer of flavors and aromas that I was presented in those stalls.
Being this region of Gerês so genuine, the feasts could not escape from this rule and out of nowhere, sounds of an accordion invade the night. At the entrance of the Shrine Park, there is a small cluster of people gathering to hear the artist of the accordion. The feasts was lively and the voices began to follow the instrument notes.

Being this region of Gerês so genuine, the feasts could not escape from this rule.

I scoured the Park paths in pavement and dirt, illuminated by festive lights. On the lake, small boats make the delight of the newest paddling with parents under the stone bridge, while water wires fall from the highest cliff.
In the amphitheater below, sound is checked in two stages to receive the evening’s attractions, two philharmonic bands that would warm the hosts.
In the highest part of the Park I saw the Basilica, now illuminated with lines in yellow tone, drawn at dark night.
I now turn to her and finish the walk, but not before a careful observation of the tile panels depicting episodes of S. Bento’s life, painted by the hands of Querubim Lapa.


2,8 kmslinear
round trip

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