Trilho das Caldeirinhas (Valpaços)The Hiking Trail of “Caldeirinhas” is a small circular footpath, which develops at the gates of the city of Valpaços. Beginning on the western entrance of the city, more specifically in the “Casa Branca” neighborhood, the first few meters of the road are made in “Souto do Pedreiro” Street, heading southwest. The asphalt road is flanked by stone walls that protect and enclose the olive groves on both sides of the road. This region is also known for its production of olive oil and it is not surprising, wherever you look flee, there is a well-kept olive grove.
Later find a signaling something archaic with the inscription “Caldeirinhas 2012”, indicating the correct direction of my destination. Remains of some activity that year which must have joined some hiking enthusiasts here.
I’m now entering in a rural path down the hill, following the olive groves, and I find myself with a huge patch of desolation. This area has recently been hit by a forest fire and in front of me I found the result of this tragedy. I do not know whether its origin was criminal or not but the result was a black landscape devastated by the flames that makes me feel angry, helpless … with a huge knot in my stomach.
I keep the small trail standing position, which deviates the very own huge granite rocks of this region.
Upon reaching the valley, I am glad to realize that not all vegetation was consumed by fire and here, some still remains green. It hides the ruins of old mills and I realize I’m close to the main section of this walk.
A clearing against the rocky crowded with various levels which should run the watercourse, which gives its name to the trail. Should, because unfortunately does not run. We are still in months of low rainfall and so the water does not run through the granite walls of the mountain.

A clearing against the rocky crowded with various levels which should run the watercourse, which gives its name to the trail.

I felt a bit disappointed but want to return at another time of year, to see and hear the stream of “Caldeirinhas” in full swing down the mountain in terraces.
Getting on and after a bush savanna zone and burn vegetation I climb the way back. Rubble walls enclose small gardens and the path becomes increasingly wider. Reunion some olive groves and the rural way on dirt gives way to tarmac. I am close to finishing this short and circular route, which I hope will meet again later when nature has recovered from the evil that is sometimes subject.

Quinta Rota D'Oliveira


1,8 kmscircular

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