Percurso Pedestre do Vale da Ribeira de Loivos (Chaves)

This circular footpath, with just over 9 kms, begins at Vilas Boas, a typical village “transmontana” of Chaves council.
I go down the narrow streets paved in rough stone, where the houses aged holds many stories of hard lives, most of them dedicated to work from dawn to dusk in the fields.
Way to the center of the village where the broad church has long since heard the first “good days” among its inhabitants.
The Parish Church of simple baroque style, was built in 1790 and is particularly prominent in Vilas Boas. The clock above the doorway marked the 09h: 30m when for the Fountain Street, walk into a dirt path that leaves the village behind. Zigzagging the slope downwards, between rubble walls that limit agricultural and forestry land, the landscapes of the valley of the Ribeira de Loivos impress. I come to the Municipal Road 311.3 (EM311.3) and turn left towards the village of Pebble. After about 350m on the road, against Cape street that leads me to the village center.
In this small village transmontana the sheep and goat herding freely on vacant land, the birds sing joyfully in the trees and the water runs in watermen towards the river. Although much of houses now be a reflection of time spent and the people who do not return, another gets the pride of the children of the land that restore and care. Central Street, the Great House of eighteenth-century building Pebble and its chapel stand out for their historic, cultural and architectural importance they play in the region. It is also in your cellar that is produced erbon wine, Montes nectar I invite you to enjoy.
Step by Diving Supply and cross the little bridge over the stream. Forward I find myself with the Chapel of Our Lady of Candeias whose party takes place annually on February 2.
Now I follow the river by its left bank upstream. Its waters will merge later with the Ribeira de Oura. Here are also utilized for irrigation of agricultural fields that proliferate next to it.
Never losing sight of its course, continue to march to a new bridge a few meters before reentering the EM311.3. Here the sound of the water hitting the rocks is more intense and up slightly on the ground to investigate.
Behind the riparian vegetation against a small hidden paradise, where the waters fall in a cascade, forming a shallow lagoon, protected by a dense green mantle. I go down with extreme care to enjoy and save time.
Back now to EM311.3 to move towards Loivos, under a kind of tunnel formed by the tops of leafy trees that flank. 1200m after meeting a sign marked “Rural Way Vilas Boas” and follow to the hardest section of the route. I prepare to begin the ascent of the hill where is the fifth and cellar “Penada”. Around the perimeter, the vineyards planted in terraces (also known as geios) make it seem “tracery”, delicately working to provide the best nectar.
With a high degree of slope, the track is assumed here with a sour taste. On the one hand the slope slows progression and increases the fatigue, on the other, just turn my back to gaze across the valley at my feet. Every meter of altitude gained, the scenery improves with the look to get farther and farther. 
I take advantage to rest more often, while I Loivos, its houses and mountains on the horizon.
Won the mountain of “Penada,” Vilas Boas is now closer. Among agricultural roads of access to fields with rubble walls, quickly return to the limits of her village to finish this round trip in the Valley of Loivos of Ribeira.


Percurso Pedestre do Vale da Ribeira de Loivos (Chaves)

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Percurso Pedestre do Vale da Ribeira de Loivos (Chaves)


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Altimetria - Percurso Pedestre do Vale da Ribeira de Loivos (Chaves)