Caminhada na Cascata Tahiti (Terras de Bouro)The National Park of Peneda Gerês is rich in idyllic locations that make us daydream. Magical places where time stands still and nothing else matters except that enjoy this enchanted present. The Tahiti waterfall, common name assigned to the “Fecha de Barjas” Waterfalls is at the top of the list of this places.
Located on the road linking Ermida to Fafião, this group of small ponds and waterfalls terraced benefits from the confluence of the Arado River and Toco River.
This small walk to the area of the waterfalls was made for some time ago, during my last visit to Gerês. That time didn’t exist the gangway that today facilitates the safe access to this idyllic nook and so, from the road bridge, I went down the hiking trail that follows the left bank of the river (now the descent is made on the right bank of the bridge). Several terraces were excavated in the rock, forming small ponds in which was visible the joy of several families and friends who bathed in the cold waters of the mountain. Some spread the towel on the gray rocks, taking the opportunity to read or enjoying the few rays of sunshine on this cloudy day.
The trail outlined between brambles sharply down with each step taken. I arrive shortly after the main pond, surrounded by large slabs that shaped an amphitheater, inviting to the contemplation of that fantastic waterfall. I can only hear the sound of water bustle through the rocks, falling from the top and flowing to a blistering pace. This transparent and cold purity must beappreciated calmly. I stayed a little more, recording all the sensations that are offered to us, forget the world, the clock, the phone … until the cold air late in the afternoon make me come back to reality. I must return.

This transparent and cold purity must be appreciated calmly.

The peculiar characteristics of great beauty and uniqueness of Tahiti Waterfall makes me want to return as soon as possible to the National Park of Peneda Gerês. Although many times I visit it, I can always surprise me with their enchanted places.
I return by the same trail, upwards to the road.



1,4 kmslinear
round trip

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