We arrived in Porto Moniz after hiking PR6 – Levada das 25 Fontes, a little tired but still with much desire to know the famous Natural Pools of Porto Moniz.
Before we started the descent to the village, we stopped at “Miradouro da Santa” (Santa Viewpoint), in ER 101, where we were dazzled by the landscapes to the “fajã” and to the rock formations that characterize it.
It was only after World War II that Porto Moniz became connected to the rest of the island, when the road linking the village to São Vicente was excavated on the hillside. This is considered one of the most beautiful roads on the island, where sometimes fantastic waterfalls seek their way to the sea.
We parked next to Madeira Aquarium, installed in the old Fort of Saint John the Baptist. With more time available we would certainly bought the tickets to know the various “habitats” of the Madeiran marine world, but unfortunately it would have to stay for another opportunity.
We head towards the Natural Pools that appear as if framed between the pointed escarpments of the coastal border.

The singular beauty of the natural pools and the surrounding landscapes is a pole of attraction, a tourist poster of this region.

First we found “Cachalote” Natural Pools located next to the restaurant with the same name and with free access.
We walked along “Eng. Américo” Street under the watchful eye of “Ilhéu Mole” (Soft Islet), who stoically endured the waves force of a rebellious sea.
We saw the reasons that lead this volcanic pool complex, located on the north coast of Madeira Island, to be so popular with tourists from all over the world. Literally invaded by the crystalline waters of the ocean, its unique beauty, both the swimming pools and the surrounding landscapes, is a pole of attraction, a tourist poster of this region.

The photos taken here are published throughout the year on social networks (yes, the pools are open all year round) but especially during the summer season. The average temperature of the water is between 20 and 21ºC and so it’s normal to see people bathing, even outside the warmer months.
But today wasn’t a bathing day, at least for us. We walked along the promenade, contemplating the bravery of the waves crashing against the black rocks.
We played with Maria in the Children’s Playground, where she doesn’t resist to the slides and swings. It’s a stronger attraction than a magnet to a fridge and we try to always reserve a little time, wherever we are, so that she can discharge the energies, run, get dirty and especially be a child.
We returned to the apartment, traveling all along the south coast of the island, so that by the end of the afternoon we would rest quietly on the porch while the sun set on the horizon.
Tomorrow we would pause the hikes to dress the skin of real tourists. In the morning a trip on the Yellow Bus and in the afternoon a Catamaran adventure for whale watching. Don’t miss the next posts!

Points of Interest:

“Miradouro da Santa” (Santa Viewpoint), Madeira Aquarium and Natural Pools of Porto Moniz.


  • Stop at “Miradouro da Santa” (Santa Viewpoint) to observe Porto Moniz and the “fajã” where the village grew.
  • Go with time to visit Madeira Aquarium.





Accessibleto stroller


Elevation min
16melevation min

Elevation max
27melevation max

Elevation gain uphill
13melevation gain uphill

Elevation gain downhill
18melevation gain downhill



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