Hiking in Oliveira de Frades (Oliveira de Frades)

We dedicated this day to the lands of Beira Alta, more specifically to the beautiful village of Oliveira de Frades, district of Viseu. Its privileged location, in a territory bathed by Vouga River and surrounded by exuberant mountains, attracted the first people to this region from an early age. And there are many traces of those remote times that last until today to tell us their story.

Walking along the historic center is discover an ancient land, a deep soul full of stories.

We arrived at Oliveira de Frades with a great desire to walk the streets of the historic center, despite the heat that was already felt at that time of the morning. We chose to take the walk before check-in at the hotel that would accommodate us during the weekend, because the expected temperature increase in the afternoon would certainly make this hike more complicated, especially with children.
We parked at Largo da Feira (Fair Square) (photo below) to start this small circular walk of about 3 kms long.

Hiking in Oliveira de Frades (Oliveira de Frades)

At the north end of the square we found the Nossa Senhora dos Milagres Chapel (photo below), which we were unable to visit because it was closed.

Hiking in Oliveira de Frades (Oliveira de Frades)

We follow Dr. Lino Santos Street to the roundabout and then we turn to Dr. Ramiro Ferreira Street to find Centennial Roundabout where the monument erected in honor of the Discoveries (photo below) is clearly highlighted.

Hiking in Oliveira de Frades (Oliveira de Frades)

At Dr. Sá Carneiro Garden, in front of the City Hall, Maria was delighted with the fountains (photo below) that flowed from the small lake. The refreshing water ran between her hands and soon all over her clothes as well. We let ourselves be in the shade of a tree, sitting on a wooden bench, just listening to the relaxing sound of the moving water.
We continued the walk and found nearby Luís Bandeira Square, the Municipal Museum, the Pelourinho built in in the thirties of the 19th century and the S. Pelágio Church, whose black altar, painted with shoe polish due to the scarcity of resources in the time, surprises those who visit it. Walking along the historic center is discover an ancient land, a deep soul full of interesting stories.
Our hike was about to end and we returned to Largo da Feira (Fair Square) around lunchtime. After recovering energy in a nearby restaurant, we checked in at the hotel and in the afternoon, with a map in our hands, we toured the region to get to know some of the most visited places in the county.

Hiking in Oliveira de Frades (Oliveira de Frades)

Points of Interest:

Historic Center, Nossa Senhora dos Milagres Chapel , Dr. Sá Carneiro Garden, Luís Bandeira Square, Municipal Museum, Pelourinho and S. Pelágio Church.


  • Do not throw garbage on the floor.
  • There are restaurants and cafés where you can boost your energy.
  • Entrance to the Church of S. Pelágio is free, but reservations are required at the Municipal Museum of Oliveira de Frades.





Accessibleto stroller


Elevation min
357melevation min

Elevation max
405melevation max

Elevation gain uphill
141melevation gain uphill

Elevation gain downhill
152melevation gain downhill




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