Hiking Discovering Condeixa-a-Nova (Condeixa-a-Nova)

An extended picnic blanket, enjoying the shade on a hot day in midsummer, with temperatures around 30 ° C, it’s always a good option for recharging batteries. That’s what I did in the Green Park of Ribeira de Bruscos, in Condeixa-a-Nova.
Located east of the village, the park extends for 600m along the Ribeira de Bruscos. With several tables scattered around the well cared lawn, all of them were unoccupied when I got there, which will have to do with the fact that they are under intense heat, directly exposed to solar rays and bare of any shade.
I searched some more and close to the fitness circuit, a choupal area, found the much desired and cool shade, where I reached the blanket and even set the necessary for a picnic.
These meals must be made with time, savoring and enjoying not only the fresh air and contact with nature, but also the quality time with family and friends.
Now with the stomach well composed, I began the village discovery walk and the built heritage of Condeixa-a-Nova.
Walking to northwest through the trails of the park, cross the Ribeira de Bruscos where little flow, characteristic of dry months, carries the surface riparian vegetation that the waters will reaping the banks. Already after the Municipal Market, follow direction to the city center along Rua Dr. Alfredo Pires Miranda. Walk down the Avenue Visconde de Alverca just for coffee and drinking a cool water in the Volunteer Firefighters.
I continue to walk in the street António Vieira where I founf the Parish Council working in the building of the former School of Conde Ferreira. A very beautiful and recovered heritage now for new functions. In front and on the opposite sidewalk Street Dr Simão da Cunha, the Old Hospital has already had the role of yore on the health of local people.
I come to the garden of the Town Hall. Following the right, going up to the Town Hall Square and later at the Republic Square, the SAS Palace takes great prominence. During the Third French Invasion in 1811, this palace was destroyed by fire caused by the troops of Massena, which devastated the whole village. Its ruins lasted until 1930, when it was rebuilt within the urban restructuring of the square, but without the size or the original grandeur.
Start now the ascent of Manuel Ramalho Street and after the bust tribute to Father João Antunes, turn left towards the Silvais Park.
At Conde Ferreira Street, where the Municipal Library of contemporary architecture does not go unnoticed, I begin the descent to the village center.
At Francisco Lemos Street I discover the magnificent Palace Sotto Mayor (also known by Palace of Lemos), built in the century XVII, and the Palace of Almadas currently a guesthouse of charm, belonging to the network of “Pousadas de Portugal”.
I go down the street and have to return to Republic Square, stop at the church of Santa Cristina, built in the century XVI by D. Manuel. Attached to this, in the Palace of Figueiredos, currently operates the Municipality of Condeixa. Later, the House-Museum Fernando Namora makes known the origins and work of the writer.
I keep at Maria Elsa Franco Sotomayor Street and turn on Dr. Fernando Namora Street to find the public washing at the Street City of Bretten. For a trail dirt I arrive at Rua da Palmeira and I found the Municipal Swimming Pools, sought at this time of year.
I climb on Dr. Simão da Cunha Street and at the roundabout on the left, I walk the last dozen meters that take me back to the starting point, the Green Park of Ribeira de Bruscos.


Hiking Discovering Condeixa-a-Nova (Condeixa-a-Nova)

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Hiking Discovering Condeixa-a-Nova (Condeixa-a-Nova)


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