Hike to Discover Belver (Gavião)

Legend says that a princess (or a king in another version of it) when went up to the castle has uttered the phrase “…que belo ver!” (…how beautiful to see!). And at that moment was born the village that still amazes us with its “beautiful sight” from the top of the hill to the valley where the Tagus finds its way to the mouth.

Belver is a pearl of center interior of Portugal that is well worth a visit.

Arrive to Belver, in Gavião municipality, is to cross an imaginary gateway to Alto Alentejo, to find narrow streets and whitewashed houses with bars of blue and ocher color. Be welcomed by the Mother Church bell and feel the village pulse in Luís de Camões Square. Meanwhile, the fountain form rhythmic arcs that cradle those who pass by. They are the ones who set the tone in this peculiar cadence of a sunny and idle day.

Hike to Discover Belver (Gavião)

It was under this warm sun that we climbed the castle. Its construction by the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, also known as the Order of Hospitallers, was a counterpart to the donation made by D. Sancho I of the Guidintesta lands, located between the south bank of the Tagus and the Zêzere. Built in Christian reconquest, it was an integral part of the Tagus defensive line, along with other emblematic fortifications of this region.

Hike to Discover Belver (Gavião)

With every step taken, we found a viewpoint over the Tagus River, a forested landscape that had unfortunately been recently devastated by a major fire. In the photographs and video we can observe the burning area in the valley. Next to the Tagus, the paradisiacal Alamal River Beach emerges, like a small oasis, from the black landscape of recent ashes. Alamal walkways begins near by, which follows the south bank of the Tagus and are part of the pedestrian trail PR1 GAV “Arribas do Tejo”.

Hike to Discover Belver (Gavião)

Belver is therefore a pearl of center interior of Portugal that is well worth a longer visit. Roam with time on the sidewalk, with the softness of a light summer breeze, walk the narrow streets of well-kept white houses, hear the bell of the Mother Church pacing our footsteps and in the silence listen to the fountain Luís de Camões Square.

Hike to Discover Belver (Gavião)

Points of Interest:

Castle, Viewpoints and Landscapes over the Tagus River.


  • The entrance to the castle is paid. The normal ticket when we visit it was 2 €. Check the prices on CM Gavião website.
  • When visiting Belver, you should also take some time to get to know, on the other side of the Tagus, Alamal River Beach and the walkways. If you long for more difficulties and adventure, hike the 15km of PR1 GAV “Arribas do Tejo”.





Not accessibleto stroller


Elevation min
118melevation min

Elevation max
175melevation max

Elevation gain uphill
93melevation gain uphill

Elevation gain downhill
95melevation gain downhill



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