Discover the Historic Center of Sabugal (Sabugal)

Sabugal, in Guarda district, was the chosen destination for today. We parked next to the ascent of “Sr. dos Aflitos”, at the western entrance of the village, just after the small bridge that crosses Côa River. It was along its banks that we began the first steps of this walk, walking through the green park and taking advantage of the shadows on this sunny day.
We shared some meters with the Historic Villages Route (GR22), a circular route with 565km that also traverses the streets of Sabugal and gives us the possibility to know the Historical Villages of Portugal.

On the hill overlooking the Côa river, the castle, recognized as a National Monument in 1910, has marked an entire region over the centuries.

The fertile plots along the banks of the Côa have been converted into small urban gardens, essential to complement the budget of many local families.
We walk along Ismael Mota Avenue and “5 de Outubro” Street on the way to the Historic Center.

Discover the Historic Center of Sabugal (Sabugal)

After the Mother Church, we find the City Hall in the Republic Square. In this central square we also find the Bell Tower and the Village Door, vestiges of the old Leon Wall of Sabugal. Nearby and in a small square, the Cats Fountain honors our four-legged friends.
We are now close to the castle and by “Santo Condestável” Street we quickly arrived there. Its imposing and atypical Castle Keep stands out immediately at the highest point of the terrain. It is therefore on the hill overlooking the Côa that this castle, recognized as a National Monument in 1910, marked an entire region over the centuries, performing military functions as well as prison facilities. We found the doors already closed for lunch so we couldn’t visit it.
The walk came to an end but before we said goodbye to Sabugal, we wanted to celebrate and discover also its culture at the table, its delicacies and traditional gastronomy. Thank god we did it.

Discover the Historic Center of Sabugal (Sabugal)

Points of Interest: Historical Village, Historic Center, Castle Keep, Castle, Côa River, Mother Church, Village Door, Landscapes.






Elevation min
736melevation min

Elevation max
776melevation max

Elevation gain uphill
102melevation gain uphill

Elevation gain downhill
127melevation gain downhill



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