Discover Historical Center of Guarda (Guarda)

Guarda is waiting for us at the top of its 1056m of altitude with a sunny day, where only for a few moments the fog managed to hide the intense blue sky. The highest city in Portugal, also known as the city of 5 F’s –
Forte (Strong), Farta (Satiate), Fria (Cold), Fiel (Loyal) and Formosa (Beautiful), was an obligatory stop in this adventure whose main objective was to discover some of the Historical Villages of Portugal.

Our “Base Camp” would be installed in Almeida but before we got there, we made a brief pause in Guarda for a light walk through its Historical Center and we also decided to savor Beira Alta’s tasty gastronomy. We started here indeed.
Already more comfortable, we begin the route in the Bombeiros Voluntários Egitanienses Avenue and we ascend towards the center of the city. In Espírito Santo Square we enter the walled area through Porta d’El Rei, one of the city’s old gothic doors, where you can still see some sections of the wall.

In the narrow arteries of the city’s heart, the granite predominates in the construction of the houses that protect each other.

By S. Vicente Street we quickly arrived at the Church of the same patron. Continuing in the narrow arteries of the city’s heart, where the granite predominates in the construction of the houses that protect each other, some visibly abandoned, others object of a recent restoration, we arrive at Luís de Camões Square with the imposing Cathedral in a place of great prominence (see photo below).

Discover Historical Center of Guarda (Guarda)

We continued along Dr. João Soares Square and D. Maria Luísa Godinho Street to arrive at Guarda Castle. Today we can observe only a tiny part of what once existed. Situated in a dominant position over the city, its Gothic Tower (see first photo) rises high on a hill. Here we took advantage of the strategically positioned banks, with fantastic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
The afternoon runs fast and we returned to the car to hit the road and made the rest of the trip to the beautiful and peculiar village of Almeida, where we would sleep the next few days.

Discover Historical Center of Guarda (Guarda)

Points of Interest: Cathedral, Castle and Historical Center.





Elevation min
1001melevation min

Elevation max
1061melevation max

Elevation gain uphill
159melevation gain uphill

Elevation gain downhill
162melevation gain downhill

(round trip)


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