Discover Bávaro Beach - Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

When we think of an all-inclusive vacation, Dominican Republic is one of the first destinations that comes to mind. Its value for money in services and its paradisiacal beaches are reasons enough to opt for a few days of vacations under the motto “dolce far niente”.
Samaná and Punta Cana are the best known destinations of tourists from all over the world. Knowing that Samaná is perhaps calmer, with less confusion, we choose Punta Cana in this first visit to the country. We went in June to avoid the confusion of the busiest months and the inflated prices.
Anyone who knows us knows that this is not our favorite kind of vacations, but I admit that the all-inclusive services provided in a 5-star hotel are confortable and really practical when traveling with children. Besides that, if we add beautiful white sandy beaches, palm trees and warm water, then we have the perfect combination. And the Dominican Republic perfectly capitalizes on all these elements.

White sand, palm trees and warm water. This is a different walk, adapted to the comfort of “all inclusive”.

After checking in at Lisbon Airport (Humberto Delgado Airport) we were expecting about 8 hours flight. The longest we had ever made. The expectation to see Maria’s behavior on such a long trip was high. How would she be entertained?
Despite some apprehension, the flight went smoothly, interspersing meals with movies, games, and some reading.
We arrived around 7 pm local time in Punta Cana, and as soon as we set foot off the plane we were surrounded by a sweltering heat and a different odor in the air. We didn’t associate immediately its origin but later it was explained to us that it’s be from the great invasion of algae, more properly sargassum, in some bathing areas of the country.
By the time we got on the shuttle bus to the hotel it was late at night. So we did’t do anything more than settle into our room, get a quick tour to know the facilities of the hotel, have dinner and retire to rest from our trip.

Discover Bávaro Beach - Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

Jet lag plus excessive heat makes holiday rhythms, at least on the first days, somewhat abnormal. I woke up shortly after 6am and took the opportunity to discover Bávaro Beach without the confusion of the rush hours, the queues and noise pollution of these tourist areas.
At this early hour, the beautiful beaches were even more beautiful. The golden light of the sunrise painted the most beautiful pictures, those “screen savers” that we have set on the background of our computer monitor, never quite knowing if they were simply real or elaborate montages.

Discover Bávaro Beach - Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

While almost everyone slept, I headed for the beach and walked along the seafront outside the hotel area. I could not help noticing the armed security guard at the checkpoint who is watching closely those passing by. The safety and comfort of tourists is taken very seriously here, as it is one of the largest (if not the largest) sources of income in the country.
Here, of course, I find a wilder and less clean beach, where through a small trail I found a kind of commercial square, with handcrafted products (at least most of them) made by the local population. Several u-shaped shops, still closed at this early hour, welcome tourists venturing out of the hotel’s reserved area.

Discover Bávaro Beach - Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

I reverse the direction of the walk along the shoreline. Always with an immensity of white sand, palm trees and warm water wetting the feet. This is a different walk, adapted to the comfort of “all inclusive”.
Gradually the hustle and bustle returns to the resort, some crews remove the sargassum that has overrun the coast at night while others clean the lounge chairs and bars where, in a short while, tourist queues will pile up waiting for the freshest and most colorful cocktail .
Near “Laguna Bávaro” it’s time to return. There’s still time to discover most sections of the resort and the golf course before the invigorating bath for another day of “dolce far niente”.

Discover Bávaro Beach - Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

Points of Interest:

Bávaro beach.


  • Walk on the beach at sunrise. The beauty is surreal.
  • Bring light clothing, sunscreen and a hat because even at sunrise the temperature can be already high.
  • If you have any security questions, please visit Portuguese Communities Website and verify the information provided. Locally ask hotel staff or tour guides.



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