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Câmara de Lobos

Fajã dos Padres Restaurant (Câmara de Lobos – Madeira)

We don't know if it's humanly possible to find words to describe all the sensations aroused in our senses by this meal in Fajã dos Padres restaurant. We will try. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find genuine, fresh and aromatic flavors such as those cultivated in the fertile and fertilizer-free…
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Aveiro Flavours (Aveiro)

Aveiro is a living city, on the streets we feel a contagious joy and the colorful "moliceiros" of "Ria de Aveiro" gladden everyone who visit the city. But a visit to Aveiro wouldn't be complete without a tasting of traditional flavors. At Zeca, before or after a moliceiro ride, we…
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Cockles from Nazaré

The town of Nazaré is now internationally known for its "cannon", a submerged canyon of tectonic origin, located off its coast which causes the formation of a huge size waves, the "giant waves" of Nazaré. These makes the delights of the bravest surfers and attract to this village in the Leiria…
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Viana Do Castelo

Warmth at the table

It was after covering part of the "PR9 VCT – Trail of the Water Pipes" that I went to Viana do Castelo to comfort the stomach. It's already passed the 2 pm and near the fishing port I found the Santos Restaurant where I still managed one table. The friendliness with which I was received made…
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Rendufe’s Cheese

If you passed by Valpaços municipality, either for pleasure or for professional reasons, do not miss visiting Rendufe. This small place next to "Santa Maria de Émeres" still has activity in a traditional cheese dairy and oil mill. The final product of any one of them is delicious. You can walk the Hiking…
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