Tirol Restaurant (Pombal)

Tirol Restaurant is located on Ansião Street, number 15, very close to Pombal Castle. This was the main reason for choosing this two floors family restaurant to eat on the day of the climb to the castle. On our arrival, the sheer number of clients waiting for a table could only be a good sign. We waited for our turn and it didn’t take too long to sat down on the terrace where we could observe the battlements of the castle high above.

The sheer number of clients waiting for a table could only be a good sign.

We ordered a Fish Soup, Pork with Clams (photo above) and Lagareiro Style Octopus. In spite of the great confusion in the restaurant (it was “bursting at the seams” also with the celebration of what appeared to be a baptism) the service was fast and the friendly staff were taking care of it.

Tirol Restaurant (Pombal)

Lagareiro Style Octopus (pictured above) was not bad, maybe a bit overcooked with flavors that didn’t stand out on the plate.
The Fish Soup (picture below) was tasty but with too much potato for my personal taste. Born in a fishermen’s village I always preferred this soup well seasoned and with little or even no potatoes at all. I understand that this is more “velvety” but it is only a matter of personal taste as I mentioned before. It was tasty and there wasn’t so much left in the bottom of the bowl at the end of the meal.
Pork with Clams was very appetizing and well seasoned. The prices are suitable for the service as well as the doses served.

Tirol Restaurant (Pombal)


+351 236 212 404

Rua Ansião, 153100-474 Pombal

39°54’57.996″ / -8°37’28.11″coordenadas geográficas

$$$ – low cost / $$$ – high cost

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