Mussels of Good Friday (Figueira da Foz)

From a young age I remember the mussel harvesting tradition in the village of Buarcos, Figueira da Foz, during the week before Easter. Whether it’s a rainy or a sunny day, the rocks that tear the sea from Buarcos to Cape Mondego fill with people in the empty tide, looking for this appreciated bivalve.
It is especially on Good Friday that this tradition was more deeply rooted in many of the families of this fishing village. Mine was no exception and invariably on this day, the delicious delicacy still stands at the lunch table.
Times change, traditions must adapt to this change and for some years now the family no longer participates in this pilgrimage by the sea. Despite this, we do not escape the tradition and the mussels, now bought in the supermarket stalls or the local market, do not fail to delight everyone at the table.
In a bowl add all ingredients, a good olive oil, onion, garlic, white wine, parsley, salt and pepper and after a few “shakes” to get everything involved, the aroma in the kitchen leaves us salivating. Serve with bread to soak in the juices left at the bottom of the platter and with a fresh green wine. Let it be then, the tradition!

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