Capricciosa (Cascais)

The “Walking from Carcavelos Beach to Oeiras Marina” was almost over and it was time to meet with some friends at the lunch table. We combined the meeting in Capricciosa, next to Carcavelos Beach. It seemed to be the most appropriate place considering the presence of children in the group and we all know that pizzas and pasta are two of the things that most of them do not enjoy, right? 🙂

Before winning us by the stomach, Capricciosa won us by sight.

Before conquer us by the stomach, Capricciosa won us by the sight. Located right on the beach, had lunch on the terrace is almost like eating with a foot in the salt water. Sometimes, the fresh sea breeze invades the space and also refreshes the palate preparing us for the tasting that follows.
From the vast menu and after some indecision we opted for “Linguine al Mare” (photo above) and “Calzone Romano” (photo below). It proved to be a good choice because if the “linguine” was loose, with fresh and well seasoned seafood, the “calzone” cooked in a wood oven was really juicy and delicious.
It could be the company of friends, it could be the views to the sea or it could be the quality and freshness of the products used in the confection but I think that it was a little of everything, well mixed, which resulted in the perfect combination, a reason to returned home satisfied and with the desire to repeat.

Capricciosa (Cascais)


Avenida Marginal, Praia de Carcavelos Sector Nascente – 2775-604 Carcavelos

+351 214 579 254

N 38° 40′ 39.18”, W 9° 19′ 47.27″


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