On May 4th, 2008 I made my first walk worthy of record, by the the trails of Portugal, named “PR7 – Nas Escarpas da Mizarela” in Arouca. The experience was so amazing and intense that changed my life ever since.
So I decided to create SOLA GASTA to help others as I, who wanted to enjoy on a “walking way”, what Portugal has to offer.
My name is Nuno Santos and I believe that in every county of our country there are places waiting to be discovered and immortalized that for one reason or another, are still unknown to most of us.
Often, they are even on our side and only when someone awakens us to their beauty and uniqueness is that we give them their true value.
I believe the best way to discover them is walking.
With no appointment, go to our mountains, beaches, remote villages with a few or no inhabitants at all, see breathtaking waterfalls, follow the course of rivers and streams and discover paradisiacal landscapes that arise as a any picture taken from our imagination…
SOLA GASTA is thus a space to publicize Portugal and its natural heritage, which will be described through text, photos, videos and GPS routes, several walking routes by all these places, from north to south of the country, continent and islands .
I hope these pages are, apart from a modest visual archive of the places visited, suggestions and ideas for a fruitful hours without stress, away from the hectic everyday life of our cities.
With the company of my wife who I share my life and most recently my daughter, together we will filling out the map below with the pace of the discoveries made in municipalities that we are visiting.

Follow these steps in www.solagasta.com.
For any contact, suggestion or inquiry, please fill out the form on the page CONTACTS. Thanks.